Trivexa Review

In this review, we’ll explore what Trivexa total body wellness mushroom weight loss supplements are and how to use the method.


Belly fat is a big problem for most adults over the age of 35. It’s not just about looking good in clothes or a bikini, but it’s also about your overall health. The bigger your waistline you have, the more health problems you get. And when it comes to belly fat and obesity, losing weight can be the most difficult thing you’ll ever have to do.



This is why so many researchers all over the world study the methods of losing weight, but none have really found the right answer. Until a group of researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine released a study in 2022. The results of over 170 years of weight loss study revealed a simple answer: there is a stark difference between the inner core temperature of obese individuals versus those with lean bodies.

And this study paved the way for a natural, efficient, and simple mushroom weight-loss supplement. A weight loss solution that uses a unique “mushroom Hack” method to help you lose weight, get rid of body fat, and finally, have the weight and body you’ve always wanted.

How Mushroom Weight Loss Works?

Trivexa is a 100% mushroom weight loss supplement that uses 6 powerful mushroom ingredients that increase the body’s core temperature.

By simply taking 2 capsules of Trivexa every day, you will experience healthy and natural weight loss without the side effects. How does Trivexa do this? Through its unique proprietary blend of 6 powerful mushroom ingredients that are backed by clinical research.

The supplements are made in GMP-certified facilities in the US, FDA-registered facilities, and made using only the finest and most natural ingredients in the market. Backed by scientific data, Trivexa works to increase the body’s core temperature to boost its calorie-burning ability, giving you more energy and a more efficient metabolism.

What is the Trivexa Weight Loss?

The mushroom weight loss method is about increasing the body’s temperature. Researchers have discovered that people who are overweight have naturally lower body temperatures. This does not mean the skin or the external body, but it’s about your internal organs. You can’t just take a hot shower and expect your body to burn calories, it doesn’t work that way. You also can’t just travel to the tropics and since the temperature’s high, expect to lose weight. No, it has nothing to do with your skin or the weather.

The mushroom method for weight loss targets your inner core temperature, which can only be done with a unique, scientific formula that naturally increases your body temperature and supports healthy weight loss.

In fact, when your inner core temperature is colder than normal, fat stagnates inside, which makes it harder for your body to burn calories. The result is accumulated fat storage that results in a bulging belly, and fat deposits on your thighs, arms, and even in your internal organs. When there is fat accumulation in your body, not only will you become overweight, but you will also suffer from a wide range of health conditions.

Trivexa breaks the “Weight Management” in your body, increases your body temperature, and “hacks” the coldness of your inner core, so you can start burning fat and calories.

How Trivexa Targets Inner Temperature

Trivexa targets inner temperature through its unique proprietary formula that consists of 6 powerful natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to burn fat and help you lose weight.

Here is the mushroom Blend of 6 most powerful ingredients found:

1. Blazei

Blazei is the most critical component of Alpine weight loss. It is known for detoxifying your liver, improving digestion, decreasing inflammation, and boosting your overall health. It is rich in essential nutrients, is antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory, and aids in increasing metabolism for faster fat burning.

2. Lions Mane

Lions Mane has been proven to increase core body temperate and which helps in appetite suppression, as well as a regulated hormone for eating behavior. Extracts appear to block the activity of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, which breaks down carbohydrates in the small intestine.

3. Reishi

It helps to dissolve fat deposits and is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Turkey Tail

it is a well-known natural herb commonly used in anti-obesity medication. It stimulates the body’s natural thermogenesis, increases metabolic speed, and stimulated fat metabolism.

5. White Button

It is known to boost core body temperature, boost our immune system, as well as reduced overall body inflammation due to oxidative stress.

6. Chaga

Chaga is a powerful mushroom that is known for improving respiratory illnesses, allergies, and digestive issues. It is also known o increase the body’s inner core temperate.

With all of these ingredients combined, you get to experience natural, safe, and effective weight loss by targeting your body’s natural ability for thermogenesis and increased body temperature for fat-burning.

Best Way to Take Trivexa

The best way to take Trivexa is by taking 2 capsules per day with your evening meal and a half glass of water. Take your pill at the same time every day and in just a few weeks, you can start noticing the results. However, because the supplement is natural with no added chemicals, the effect is gradual. This means you need to take Tri every day for at least 3 months to see significant results.

Don’t worry as the company offers a money-back guarantee. You can return your Trivexa bottles, whether you’ve used them or not if you are not happy with the results

Where to buy mushroom tablets?

To ensure you’re buying the legit supplement, you need to buy your weight loss supplements from the official website. Please visit and choose from their three-bottle packages. The more you buy, the more savings you get, and the more weight you lose.


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